Stevia & Diabetes

Stevia & Diabetes There are many benefits of Stevia to diabetes sufferers. This natural sweetener can suppress glucose levels, significantly increase glucose tolerance and stabilise blood sugar levels. Artificial sweeteners such as saccharin can raise the blood sugar and change the bacterial composition in the gut which can then cause glucose intolerance. In fact, many […]

What Is Lucuma & Why You Should Love It??

When lucuma was first cultivated thousands of years ago, it rose quickly as a food of choice for people living in Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. In the last few years, this fruit has gained popularity as a superfood with various health benefits. From the outside, this tropical fruit looks like a spherical avocado with smooth, […]

Health Benefits of Banana Blossom

Health Benefits of Banana Blossom The banana blossom or banana flower serves the health benefits which are as follows: 1. Curing the infection It has ability to treat infection because it possesses ethanol flowers which helps to prevent the pathogenic bacterial growth. It can cure the wound as well. The extracts of banana flower helps […]

Chinese White Mugwort’s Benefit

Since ancient times, Chinese mugwort has been used in several applications. The plant is edible and can be used to make pastries, breads, dumplings, and cakes, and can be mixed with rice or processed into tea or wine. It has also been used as an air purifier and a mosquito repellent.[4] In traditional Chinese medicine, […]

WHY organic goods are more expensive?

Nowadays, all department stores often have organic agricultural products to offer. Choose for consumers who love and concern about their health. Organic Agriculture is a product that are chemical free. When consumed, it has better beneficial effect to consumer’s body. Then why it is more expensive? Because the production process is more complicated From natural […]

Is osteoarthritis likely to be cured?

Dr. Vivat Wahavisit Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital mentioned that over the past 10 years, research has shown that, Osteoarthritis is caused by defective joints rather than aging. The changes start around the soft bones. It happens step by step if you can find abnormalities then there is a way to prevent or cure osteoarthritis. So […]

Lychee and Diabetic Cloggy Fat

If you talk about lychee, we would think of fruit with red bark, thick texture, sweet taste, sour taste, black seeds but how many people know that Lychee has load of benefit you cannot imagine. History said the origin of lychee is from southern China in Guangdong province. It has been grown over 3,500 years. […]

Knee pain and INWIANG VALLEY Longan Tea

We have heard many saying that having knee pain usually occurs in people over forty-five years old. But that does not mean that young people will not find symptoms. From medical information confirmed that at all age can have osteoarthritis. For example, overweight people could as well suffering from knee arthritis. Athlete could also damage […]

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